Women are bearing the brunt of this crisis.

- Paid sick time and paid family and medical leave to protect ourselves and our families — no exceptions

- Ensure state and local governments have the tools to provide health coverage, continue to provide education, protect elections, continue essential services, and prevent layoffs.

- Eliminating barriers to reproductive health care which is always essential healthcare, and especially during a pandemic.

At UltraViolet, we’re collaborating in real time with women’s policy experts and advocacy partners and we will fight for more, with them, at every step for the emergency needs and the permanent, structural changes we have needed for a long time. This week, progressive groups focused on policy and power-building for women and LGBTQ people released a letter to Congress about the solutions we need them to pursue. As we say in the letter, “In times of crisis and in the face of great adversity, leaders must make a choice. To rise to the challenge, or shrink away from responsibility. To leave no one behind, or settle for good enough. To do no harm, or deepen divides and further inequities.” That is the charge of this administration and Congress for the sake of all people and the future of our democracy.



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